2002 DCA Snare Individuals

1.) 4 of the 27 drummers should have stayed home.
2.) Many modern day drummers were using traditional grip.
3.) Modern day drummers have become rudimental speed merchants.
4.) The tic, tic, tic sound of modern snare drums was very annoying.
5.) Sorry to see little credit given to some of the "old timers".
6.) 11th, 14th, and 15th place drummers played typical typle solos from the sixties (measured times, evenly spaced patterns played around a central theme).
7.) If anyone today is curious as to what sixties type solos were like, listen to 11th, 14th, and 15th place finishers.
8.) Drummer who stopped and turned around to "practice" missed stick to stick trick, would have been disqualified in my day, and he placed 9th.
9.) Many traditional rudiments seem to have disappeared. Have they been replaced by modern day rudiments? Why?
10.) Many pressed rolls, orchestral trap stuff. What happened to cleanly executed open rolls? Dinosaur city?
11.) Many dropped sticks for a national level contest. Probably due to difficulty, but...
12.) Love the "sound" of many modern rudiments, flam combination type patterns played by most modern drummers - very fast!
13.) Very casual approach to contest. I have mixed emotions about this.
14. ) Overall - marvelous backsticking show. Many modern drummers seem to use it off herta type patterns. Nice stuff.
15.) Backsticking has been pushed to incredible levels and it makes me wonder if much room is left for further advancement.

Gary Pagnozzi