2001 PAS College Snare Individuals

Performers were judged on: 40 points total execution (10 on roll, 30 on solo), 30 points demand, 30 points GE. Command of the drum and sticks figured into the execution and GE scores.

General comments: the scores were too high, the roll breakdown was better than previous years but several problems remain with the breakdown: the deceleration needs more work - every contestant came out of peak speed too fast, most tempo jumps occurred during slowdown, and several contestants had audible differences between the right and left hand. For the solos, too many contestants used gimmicks instead of playing the drum. Bell trees, small cymbals, rubber mallets, other pairs of sticks, brushes, etc, the use of which subtracted, not added, to the general effect. Many players need to work on their buzz rolls; it's kind of discouraging to hear so many buzzes not played in a smoothly. Not much rudimental  variety in the solos.

College Snare Individuals

Billy Spicer

  Roll - 31s in, 21s out.crushed at peak, went to edge. many jumps in tempo near peak, came out of peak too fast. Solo - many flat flams, use of claw sounded choppy, a few breaks, not much speed or dynamic range.

Mike Eagle

  Roll - 34s in, 32s out. uneven between hands near peak and coming out of peak, came  out of peak too quick. Highest roll score because accel/decel was most consistent and  didn't try to crush the roll at peak. Solo - slow beginning, uneven buzzes, dropped stick, good stick toss, toilet paper gimmick not effective and seemed hokey, flat flams on slow section, uneven between hands on fast rolls, roll-paradiddle section choppy, high stick toss added tension.

Carl Eppler

  Roll - 23s in, 22s out. not smooth or fast at peak, came out of peak too fast. Solo - fast rolls not smooth, good LH toss, flat flams, looks like a few breaks, funk jam section sounds good but too long. Needs more fast rudimental displays.

Pat Fitzgibbon

  Roll - 34s in, 26s out. R-L hand differences near beginning, crushed at peak, came out of peak too quickly, many tempo jumps on decel. A better roll would have placed this contestant higher. Solo - uneven hands on rolls, problem executing softly, many flat flams, some unevenness on 3 stick section, buzzes need work, behind back effective, accel flams scored some points.

Jason Pena

  Roll - 24s in, 34s out. tempo jump during accel, roll at peak not smooth, came out too  fast, player looks weak. Solo - use of brushes not effective, flat flams, uneven buzzes, not much dynamic power, no accents on paradiddles which makes it harder to convey passage, R stick plays L stick ok, paradiddles uneven near end.
Tyler Orbinson

  Roll - 15s in, 6s out. difference in sound between sticks, came out of peak much too fast, peak didn't sound smooth. Solo - rolls uneven, backstick good, fast rolls sound choppy, bell tree & whistle not competitive, good display of dynamic range, broke on paradiddle section, paradiddles need accents.

Jonathan Morrell

  Roll - 18s in, 19s out. accel/decel not smooth, peak not too fast, many tempo jumps, came out of peak too fast. Solo - nice intro, singles good, paradiddles need accents, use of metal sticks help GE but not demand, rolls with metal sticks uneven, performed for crowd - seemed relaxed, got into the solo.

Ben Finley

  Roll - 20s in, 17s out. tempo jumps, came out of peak too quickly. Solo - uneven singles, flat flams, nice display of flams, brush didn't come off cleanly, used small cymbal, 4 sticks at times were uneven, used mallets and feet (would rather hear contestant play the drum), fast rolls not smooth.

Dustin Schletzer

  Roll - 19s in, 17s out. tempo jumps, peak sounded good, came out of peak too fast. Solo - matched grip singles good, long flam section effective, dropped stick, brush & 2 sticks section too long, uneven singles, roll turns into swiss army - then into flams, extended singles to edge nice but some unevenness.

John Angeles
  Roll - 22s in, 25s out. difference in sound beteen L & R hands on accel, accel'ing near peak then slowed then accel'd again, quality at peak good, came out too fast. Solo - good intro, nice BS and stick tosses/twirls. some uneven singles, good strong flam rudiments, used matched grip, claw needs some work, tired near end (most demanding solo).

Karl Hermann

  Roll - 27s in, 31s out. began with nice strong strokes, crushed at peak with tempo jumps getting there, sound of R/L hand could be heard at times. Solo - very good accents on paradiddles (doing so telegraphs the rudiment), some buzzes sounded crushed, good quality on flam rudiments and paradiddles, thin sticks gave thin sound and didn't add to demand or GE, part played with hands sounded good, fake flams good but needs more, strong flam drags, BS sounded good, player demonstrates good control of sticks, fast rolls near end sounded crushed.

Jimmy LaBreque

  Roll - 33s in, 21s out. got softer as he got faster, crushed at peak, came out of peak too quickly. Solo - slow start, some unevenness on stick rim section, flat flams, played hunched over drum, not much power, stick-on-stick rolls were effective GE, needs more rudimental content.

Ron Schermerhorn

  Roll - 24s in, 19s out. roll choppy at peak, came out of peak too fast, tempo jumps during decel. Solo - starts slow at edge, uneven singles, flat flams, use of feet not effective, played on stand, used 2 small sticks in R hand, flat flams on flam taps, needs accents on paradiddles, uneven buzzes, eneds softly playing to edge.

Mickey Burmer

  Roll - 25s in, 17s out. crushed at peak, came out too quickly, tempo jumps,in and out out peak several times. Solo - rolls-paradiddles-singles uneven at fast tempos, good flam section, extended singles impressive. Good rudimental content.

Dan Boothe

  Roll - 25s in, 32s out. good accel, decel had problems between R & L hand volume, tempo jumps. Solo - fast rolls not smooth, flat flams, BS sounded choppy, used many grips but needs to master them, hit rim and rocked drum during one manuever, dropped stick to floor twice, almost dropped a third time, uneven singles when playing R on L, rolls with 4 sticks didn't sound smooth. Dan's solo was ambitious, had he pulled it off it very well may have won.

John Roberts

  Roll - 25s in, 15s out. came out of peak too quickly, decel needs much work. Solo - rolls crushed, good stick tosses, BS flamdrags good, some rolls were heavy handed on R, needs more demand.

Greg Jackson

  Roll - 22s in, 30s out. accel sounded good, peak not smooth, came out of peak too quickly, tempo jumps on decel. Solo - some rolls were uneven between hands, R hand sounded stronger, almost missed catching a stick toss, flat flams during slow section, behing back toss almost missed catch, effective high tosses, good backsticking.

                                       1.)  John Angeles
                                       2.)  Mickey Burmer
                                       3.)  Jimmy LaBreque
                                       4.)  Karl Hermann
                                       5.)  Jonathan Morrell
                                       6.)  Dustin Schletzer
                                       7.)  Dan Boothe
                                       8.)  Pat Fitzgibbon
                                       9.)  Greg Jackson
                                       10.) Jason Pena
                                       11.) Mike Eagle
                                       12.) John Roberts
                                       13.) Ben Finley
                                       14.) Ron Schermerhorn
                                       15.) Carl Eppler
                                       16.) Billy Spicer
                                       17.) Tyler Orbinson

Rick Beckham