1997 PAS Snare & Tenor Individuals


  General comments: the scores were too high, the majority of the competitors
  opened and closed the required rudiment much too quick (some played the  
  entire rudiment in 20 seconds, see Art Cappio's article
  on how to open/close a rudiment), the number of participants was
  down, probably due to the fact the convention was on the west coast instead
  of a more centralized location.

College Snare Individuals

  A general comment: just about everyone crushed the roll at the top speed,
  which caused timing problems into/out of the top speed.

Steve Benton (U of N Texas)

  Steve's solo had some very nice rudimental passages, in fact for rudimental
  content it was probably my favorite. Unfortunately Steve had 37 execution
  errors, 1 break in a paradiddle section, and a stick drop.

Quincy Wade (U of Nevada)

  Quincy had 36 execution errors and 1 break. Nice paradiddle/paradiddle-diddle
  section, nice flam section, a couple of stick flips. Needs more dynamics.

Karl Hermann (Arizona St)

  20 execution errors plus 2 breaks. Karl had some nice tricks, played a nice
  flam section. The section where he used the smaller sticks didn't have
  any demand.

Kevin Broussard (U of SW Louisiana)

  18 execution errors, not much demand or general effect, solo was boring for
  the most part.

Ryan Sirna (SW Texas St)

  24 execution errors, some very nice stick tricks. One stick trick seemed
  broken, it didn't flow. Very nice flam section where he turned right
  handed 16th flams into left handed by decresc the R hand and cresc the

Naoki Ishikawa (U of Tn at Chattanooga)

  19 execution errors, Naoki started with a nice fast flam section, and ended
  his solo with a simple, but high scoring general effect, stick trick section
  (is this the trick everyone calls the 'paw' trick?). The entire middle
  section, where he placed a piece of flubber on the snare, wasn't very

Tyler Dempsey (San Jose St)

  31 execution errors, including 3 stick drops and one break. Tyler's solo
  was demanding, but the drops hurt the execution score and general effect
  captions. He used the most grips (trad., matched, R hand trad, both hands
  holding trad), but his singles suffered when he played them while holding
  the R in a trad grip.

Eric Hawkins (Morehead St)

  22 execution errors and 1 break. Had some nice backsticking, playing singles
  while crossing the sticks. Overall the solo was lacking in the demand and
  general effect captions.

Jody Thigpen (Collin County)

  12 execution errors, the lowest number of ticks. Jody had some fast rolls
  and backsticking stick-clicks, but there were some slower transitional
  sections that didn't sell (even though I wrote his solo I admit it needs
  juicing up). Jody had the best open/close roll of the day.

                               Scores and Placement
                          Judge 1     Judge 2     Mine
                          -------     -------     ----
  Steve Benton              82/5        86/7      82/6            
  Quincy Wade               77/9        87/6      75/8          
  Karl Hermann              86/4        92/5      83/5
  Kevin Broussard           79/7        79/9      73/9
  Ryan Sirna                91/3        95/2      84/3
  Naoki Ishikawa            97/1        97/1      88/1
  Tyler Dempsey             92/2        93/4      83.5/4
  Eric Hawkins              78/8        80/8      79/7
  Jody Thigpen              80/6        94/3      85/2

College Tenor Individuals

  General comment: I don't know what the judges were watching on the middle
  three placed guys, but Chris Thompson was the better player.

                                  Scores and Placement
                               Judge 1     Judge 2     Mine
                               -------     -------     ----
  Chris Thompson (U of Ca, LA)   78/4        85/4      82/2
  Jason Kim (U of Ca, LA)        61/5        71/5      65/5
  Jonathan Burbank (U SW La)     83/2        89/3      80/3
  Benjamin Baertschy (U SW La)   82/3        92/2      75/4
  Peter Friedhof (San Jose)      90/1        94/1      88/1

High School Snare Individuals

Roger Smith

  Very clean, had some nice rudimental content, and played with power. The
  only thing missing was dynamic contrast.

David Stedronsky (Marcus HS, Tx)
  Quit a few execution errors, held the sticks near the butt which makes it
  harder to control. Backsticking section was too easy, which is to be
  expected if you hold the sticks where you plan on backsticking.

Ross Culberton (North Gwinnett HS, Ga)

  Nice solo, but way too many errors. Traditional grip looked too awkward.

Andy Kopp (Carroll HS, Tx)

  Roll sounded crushed at top speed, execution errors during flam backsticking.

Stephanie Warr (Cabot HS, Ar)

  Played "Connecticut Halftime". Many execution errors, no general effect.

James Christian (Princeton HS, Tx)

  A few execution errors, but clearly the most demanding solo with highest
  general effect. Let's see, alternating swiss army triplets, backsticking
  32nd note paradiddles, backsticking stick clicks, fast rolls, matched
  grip and traditional grip. I'm not sure what the judges were watching.

                                  Scores and Placement
                               Judge 1     Judge 2     Mine
                               -------     -------     ----
  Roger Smith                    92/2        81/2      83/2
  David Stedronsky               93/1        82/1      72/3
  Ross Culberton                 83/5        69/5      40/5
  Andy Kopp                      86/4        78/4      62/4
  Stephanie Warr                 75/6        67/6      20/6
  James Christian                90/3        79/3      85/1

High School Tenor Individuals

  Peter Antunes had an almost flawless performance, played with power and
  dynamic contrast. Jason Church had a nice solo, but had more than a few
  breaks. James Christian had the highest general effect score on my sheet,
  but his solo seemed disjointed at times.

                                      Scores and Placement
                                   Judge 1     Judge 2     Mine
                                   -------     -------     ----
  Bryan Smith (Bonanza HS, Nv)       93/2        78/3      68/4
  Jason Church (Marcus HS, Tx)       90/3        77/4      78/3
  Peter Antunes (Dartmouth HS, Ma)   96/1        91/1      85/1
  James Christian (Princeton HS, Tx) 88/4        80/2      83/2

Rick Beckham