1997 DCI Snare Individuals

Comments:  Scores way inflated by Charlie Poole , the judge for snare individuals. He stated he wanted to make the kids "feel good". All played the same difficulties  fkam 5's, one h flams in 16th, 2/3's, all multiple bounce rudiments.  No extended singles which are more physically taxing except for the Madison snares.

Most performers had grace notes rising at 1;30 to 2;00 minute mark as they got tired and popped flams. Few of the individuals have endurance training to adjust to the parts because they all bounce so much without finger support Everything is so loose , there is no way to think through the style. Right elbows all high and left low with playing arcs that were never symmetrical. Most 32nd rolls heavy handed and condensed without a full quality of sound at medium speeds.Kevlar heads are a big problem.

99.7   1   Jason Parker  Cavies : Good first 1;30 in originality w/ scottish buzzes and timing. Got tired and made mistakes at 1:40 as grace notes came up. All multiple bounce off pdd/p/dp and bounce roll-flam combos. Strong accents but control of interiors varied.  28 execution errors.

99.5  2  Naoki Ishakowa  BD  : Cleaner than Parker and faster too but played the same bounce rudiments over and over.Uneven 32nd rolls.Got tired at 2;00 minute mark as gc notes came up but finished stronger. Middle section of drum sounds too long and lacks demand. Cant rest like that at nationals and not expect others too gain more points. 20 errors

99.2  3  Michas Brusse  BD :Good buzz consistent r to l quality.Broke a few times in solo as muscles got tired .Good stk flips. demand credit good here.Got better and stronger as solo went on. 19 errors

98.2   4  Corey Ponder  C Crown : Fairly polished solo in construction.Same 3's, 2/3's fl5's etc. good ex at start but got tired.LH wild in arc late in solo.PPD P displays good demand. Buzzes not equal in intensity near end. 33 errors

98.0  5  Kris Bolster  Madison.: Style angles way out from body at 70-75 degrees. caused condensation of rolls and h to h 3's. Ruff display very good  .p/pdd dp all had diff interior heights.Ex a problem here. 31 errors

97.9  6  Eric Hawkins  Blue Cts : R to L side style not symmetrical at all. All rolls uneven. Good demand on stick flips. Solo construction needs accent pattern work w/ more variations of ruds. Flam drgs a good display. 35 errors

97.8  7  Jeff Hassan  PR : pdd/dp/p display very good. Style a problem w/ elbows way out off line causing interior notes to be at diff heights and hurt timing. 32nd roll uneven. Weak 24th singles.LH grip changed as got tired at 2;10.Lost tempo a lot. Needs more strength and endurance. 34 errors.

97.7  8  Ercan Erhan  SCV : LH way out of arc for attack angles causing uneven 32 rolls and accent power /height.  buzz flam work very good.  26 errors

97.5  9  Chris Hollenbeck  Madison : Yips a good display H to H coord. Good single stroke 24/32 rolls w/ dynamics. Fl taps dirty.grace notes too high at all flam ruds. Tired at 2:00 into solo as exec changed. Most errors last 40 seconds.  23 errors

96.7  10  Patrick fitz-Gibbons.  The winner. strongest player w/ the fewest style flaws and  good execution.Only 17 errors. grace notes high but uniform. did not get tired. and executed at end. One dropped stick.Good flam work.

96.5  11  Tim lundberg  BD "B" : What the hell is he doing in the B corp? Decent multiple bounce speed but took too long to recover from errors. R to L hand accent power diff. Difficult stick flips but a few breaks .R hand like a timp grip and lost control late in solo 24 errors

96.5  12  Daniel whitehouse  Magic : Nice buzz section. Flams popped a lot right at start. Brushes tempo not steady. Tired at 1:40 of solo. Style changed dropped hands a little. 32 roll uneven.too long to change sticks. 39 errors

96.2  13  Damon Thompson Magic  : Rolls crushed and uneven. Elbos forearm position uneven. Nice bz parts. Dual grip parts good but section went on too long..Flam display w/ windmills and fl trip good demand but too many pops. distanbetween fl gc note and accent varied as muscles got tired. dropped stick. 29 errors.

94.2  14  Carlos Bartello  Lone Star : Good LH lead displays. excellent display of24 SINGLES . the best one of the day. P flas good w/ fl coord. 32 singles very good and even. 32 rolls uneven . Should have placed much higher w/ strong sound and consistent style.  22 errors.

94.0  15  Ryan Stohs   SCV :  Inverted h to h flams very good at start.
poor whan tired 2 minutes later. Grace notes too high and varied late in solo. weak single stroke 24/32nds. Tired at 1:20.  29 errors

93.6  16  Brendon Arseneaux  Cap Sound : All flams had diff spacing between gc note and accent. Good fl drg at slow speed. buzzes not even at times for consistency h to h . 47 errors

93.5  17  Kevin Dinsmore  Cinci Glory : lack of dynamics. Flips got good applause. 32 parrs lacked accent power h to h. pdd a good display w/ speed. Monotone. Hard to hit that bullet proof stuff isnt it? 21 errors

93.1  18  Jon Reed  PR cadets :  What the hell is he doing in the feeder corp?good fl taps and accent power h to h on other fl ruds. gc notes too high though for proper control. hand turned over on 2/3's and 3's on r side. elbow position not even. repetitive parts. Much potential if someone teaches him a decent style .

93.0  19  Colby Romero  Magic : Buzz consistency not even h to h or condensed evenly. fl triplets a good display. weak LH in pdd/p display. Tired 2 minutes into solo Many near end. 36 errors.

92.7  20  Bob Solomon  Knight Storm

92.3  21  Andy Young  Blue Knights

92.0  22  Matt Chamblis Colts

87.9  23  Bryan Chelser  Cap Sound

87.7  24  Aaron Krieshek  Cap Sound

87.4  25  Alan Fear  Vagabonds

87.3  26  John Donovan Jersey Serf

87.2  27  Steven Petrucci   Golden Lions

87.0  28  Angela Russo   Westshoremem Cadets : This is one of the more stronger sounding players with chops I heard. Needs a left hand lead to move up and should have placed much higher.

86.4  29  Doug Bush  PR cadets

86.0  30  Michael Reed  Boston

85.9  31  Pat Tridenti   Citations

85.0  32  Ian  Hale   Alleg Elite

84.8  33  Brian  Folaline    Phoenix

84.7  34  Nobro Wantanabe     Boston

84.0  35  Pat Jones   Golden Lancers

82.9  36  Joe Conigliaro   Spartons

82.4  37  Louis Mauro III    Illusion

81.8  38  Bill Meehan  Citations

81.7  39  Ryan Pritchard  Spectrum

81.4   40   Joe Banks  Boston

78.0  41  Ben Fowler   Citations

73.1  42  Robert Marino  Bayonne Raiders.

Ken Mazur