1997 DCI Drum Corps Show, Dallas TX

Corps in attendance
  1.) Lone Star
  2.) Delta Brigade
  3.) Southwind
  4.) Kiwanis Kavaliers
  5.) Glassmen
  6.) Colts
  7.) Carolina Crown
  8.) Magic of Orlando
  9.) Crossmen
 10.) Madison Scouts
 11.) Phantom Regiment


  1.) Very few flams for 11 corps, some flam rudiments played slow eg, 8th note flam taps and inverted at 200 or 220. Did notice one line play some cheeses. A few lines played paradiddle(s)/diddles, but 16th notes at fast tempos. Saw a few lines play some 3's. Never saw any flam drags, ratamacues, rudiments of interest.

  2.) I got very sick of hearing 24th note rolls and 16th note runs.

  3.) Saw very few 32nd note rolls, never faster than 138.

  4.) Way too much tacet time for most batteries.

  5.) Unless you sit between the 45 the pit is useless. From my seat I rarely heard them except in soft solo situations. The trap set player in the Colts was not loud enough. This is rock and roll. He needed to rock.

  6.) A few lines had a snare voice. I think mylar may be coming back. Glassmen had the cleanest snares.

  7.) Most of the corps have the battery parts arranged with the horn parts. When the sopranos played, the snares played. When the middle voice horns played, the tenors played. Lower voices, bass. The first corps I noticed this was the second corps on, Delta Brigade, and it grew extremely irritating over the course of the show. From that point on when I heard another corps' battery playing parts in unison with the horn parts I grew more irritated. It actually grated on my nerves.

  8.) Most of the lines from the bigger corps, using the rule from number 7, played swapping parts from the snares/tenors/bass. Snares would play a 1 or 2 bar lick, then tacet while tenors played a 1/2 bar lick, then bass would take a turn. Some lines did this throughout the show. That was irritating. What's more, I noticed Crossmen and Phantom playing every lick as a cresc/decresc. That also grew irritating.

  9.) Never saw any tenor work that was inspiring. The only tenor part I liked was the tenor solo Crossmen had in 9er2, which was more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one. 

 10.) Never saw any drumming that made me want to stand and shout. I did stand on one moment; when Madison utilizes a cymbal rack. Didn't look like difficult parts, but it was effective.

 11.) There was a few nice bass runs, but nothing that lasted. Kiwanis had a very nice 8 bass solo short solo. Carolina's Bass were pitched too low, runs became a muddled sound.

 12.) Only saw two snare lines that played non-robotic, played with arm

 13.) Wrote the words 'boring parts' on 5 of the 11, the rest were mediocre.

 14.) Everytime the tempo slowed slower than mm=120 the battery went tacet.

 15.) Most of the tempos became predictable. Many many songs started extremely slow (mm=80/100) with battery walking around like zombies, then song double times, battery then goes into 16ths/24th rolls.

 16.) Two other things that began to annoy me: snares playing loud high buzzes during loud moments which didn't project the power a full stroke double stroke roll on mylar would've produced. In fact it always came out lame. The second thing that annoyed me was the number of songs that ended with snares belting out 8th note rimshots.

 17.) Very few stick visuals, nothing dangerous. Can't stand to see just a few backsticks thrown in for no reason at all. Many snare lines play 8ths on left stick shoulder/back-of-stick/shoulder. What's with that?

 18.) Only heard one line dut-dut. Glad to see it down from the 4 or 5 lines I heard last year.

Rick Beckham